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See what's on the the horizon and check in on the statuses of different projects and collaborations!
Items are listed in chronological order.

RPG Bunnies 2 - October 2022

We're dropping three new bunnies to round out your party!

Status: Items arrived

Fulfillment scheduled: 1/29

Wing Hero Ita Bags

Limited re-run of the wing hero ita bag. This ita bag is a limited edition version of the interchangeable ita bags

Status: Items in production

Expected: March 2023

Interchangeable Itas

Ita bags are for showcasing personal style, and we're launching interchangeable itas to give you even more options! Select from snap on accessories, inserts, and more your bag uniquely you!

Status: Items in production

Expected: March 2023

BNHA Heart Charms

Show off your favourite characters and pairings with these tear drop shaped charms that come together to form a heart!

Status: Pre-Orders open February 1

Mini Pin Palooza - Spring 2023

In need of some filler pins for your board? Look no further, we have a giant line up of mini pins coming your way!

Genshin Vision Lockets - TBD

Carry around your own vision that doubles as a locket!